To Koh Rong Sanloem

To Koh Rong Sanloem

About Koh Rong Sanloem & Saracen Bay

Koh Rong Sanloem (Khmer: កោះរុងសន្លឹម, also Kaoh Rong Sanloem) is an island off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, 4 kilometers south of Koh Rong island. It is around 9 kilometers long (north to south), 4 kilometers wide (east to west) and 1 kilometer wide at its narrowest point. Its distance from the local port of Sihanoukville is 25 kilometers (beeline) and 23 kilometers (beeline) from the Serendipity/Ochheuteal beach pier. The word “Samloem” translates to: far out and hard to discern, in a wider sense.


The island resembles its northern sister, Koh Rong in many ways, although it has noticeably less landmass in relation to its coastline. The terrain is predominantly hilly with a few mountains of moderate size (e.g. La Chameau – The camel).

The interior is almost entirely covered in dense jungle. The coastline is characterized by a succession of sandstone rock formations and beautiful beaches. There are three yellow sand beaches at the island’s long western coast. Its eastern side, facing towards the mainland and less exposed to the weather and the monsoon, is characterized by bays and headlands. The most striking feature is Saracen bay with an inner diameter of around 3 kilometers. Saracen bay got its name from a British survey brig, HMS Saracen, that charted the area in the late nineteenth century.

Settlements and Infrastructure

There are two discernible villages on the island; one in the north, called Ma-pay Bay (means 23 in Khmer) and one in the south, called Koh Rong Samloem Phumi Kang Khnong (kang khnong means inside in Khmer), which is little more than a fisher’s hangout. Another little hamlet is situated in the southwest, called Phumi Kang Krau (Village on the outside). There used to be a basic road network, built during the period of the French Protectorate, which is by now nearly completely overgrown with vegetation. All transport is being done by boat. The island is not connected to the main power grid, nor to the internet, although there is local mobile phone coverage. The island is home to a base of and is administered by the Khmer National Navy.


More than a dozen guest houses and bungalow resorts have been established by 2013. Although most of these businesses are scattered all over the whole island, Saracen beach has become the primary place of arrival and departure with the highest number and density of resorts. Accommodation and prices range from cheap dorm beds to well furnished solid bungalows.There are a few daily scheduled ferries (around 20 minute by iSpeed Fast Ferry and 2 hours by Party Boat) to the island, departing from the local port of Sihanoukville and from the piers at Serendipity beach and Victory beach.

Resort & Bungalows

  • 1-The Beach Island Resort

Range: $5- $65:

Bungalows and dorm beds on the beach of Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Samloem. Bungalows with private and shared bathrooms. Restaurant, beach bar, BBQ, pool table, sports activities, full moon parties.
Tel: +(855)(0) 34 – 6666 106

  • 2-The Orchid Beach Resort

Range $50 – $70

The stunning Orchid Resort is situated in the heart of Saracen Bay has access to a central deep water pier and caters for both day trip and overnight guests in our charming island resort. Book and depart from Ochhueteal Pier for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay.
Tel: (+855)(0) 12-697 834

  • 3-Homestay Resort

Range: $25 – $35:

Individual rustic wood & thatch bungalows with private verandas, on the beach, right at the ocean’s edge. Fan, en suite toilet. Dining and drinking. Fresh from the seafood and more.
Tel: +(855)(0) 88-990 7786
Tel: +(855)(0) 16-658 480
Website: None

  • 4-Secret Paradise Resort

Range: $50- $65:

We are opening at the beginning of 2014. We will offer spacious high-end bungalows which connect western comfort with Asian hospitality.
Tel: +(855)(0) 34-6666 106

  • 5-Leng Meng Waterfall Bungalows Resort

Range: $25 – $45:

We have 12Beach front bungalowsnice beds with bathroom attached on the beach of Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Samloem. Bungalows Khmer and western Restaurant Fresh seafoods.
Tel: +(855)(0) 34-934 237

  • 6-Sun-island Eco Village

Range: $20- $35:

Comfortable Bungalows and Bungalow Tents in Cambodia’s first eco-friendly island Resort right on the white sandy beach. 24 hours Solar Powered and excellent sea food restaurant with French Chef.
Tel: +(855)(0) 77-765 069

  • 7-Saracen bay Resort

Range: $20 – $45:

Bungalows are set amidst a lush vegetation, along a stretch of beach on the famous Saracen Bay . A thick jungle lies just behind the complex, and from each bungalow you may have a fantastic sea view. Khmer, Thai, Chinese and western food.
Tel: +(855)(0) 16-997 047


The island’s formidable jungle is the ideal habitat for a great variety of endemic Invertebrate species. Vertebrates are less abundant and, typically for island populations, are small in comparison. Amphibians and reptiles are the most numerous and the island’s brooks, ponds and streams are home to a variety of small freshwater fish. Birds include the Great Horn-bill, the King Fisher and the Osprey. There is a group of Macaques living on the island and rodents are very common as a consequence of human activities. Small reefs and the rocky surface of the surrounding waters are home to a remarkable variety of marine species. Divers and Snorkelers regularly emphasize the presence of delicate miniature Eco-systems, seahorses and nudibranches are particularly diverse.