To Koh Rong

To Koh Rong

About Koh Rong Island

Koh Rong(Khmer: កោះរុង, also romanized as Kaôh Rōng or Kos Rong), is the second largest island of Cambodia.Contrary to widespread Western belief, its name does not translate to “Monkey Island”. The Khmer word “rong rung” means “cave”.Located in Koh Kong Province about 25 kilometers off the Sihanoukville’s coast in the Gulf of Thailand, the island has an area of approximately 78 km2 and 43 km of beaches. Currently, there are four small villages: Koh Tuich, Dam Dkeuw, Prek Svay and Soksan.
The island is also home to more than a dozen guesthouses and bungalows, many of them foreign-owned.The island is part of the Koh Rong archipelago, a string of islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

Like most of its neighboring islands, Koh Rong has had a land concession granted by the Cambodian government. The Royal Group has been granted a 99-year lease and has plans to build “Asia’s first environmentally planned resort island.” The French “Survivor” television program Koh Lanta was filmed on Koh Rong, near Soksan village in 2012.


Koh Rong is the biggest of the islands off the coast of Sihanukville/Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand. It stretches from southeast to northwest, is roughly elongate shaped and it encompasses an area of 78 square km.The terrain is predominantly hilly with a sizable mountain at the island’s north west. The hills provide water for countless creeks and estuaries. The island’s interior is almost completely forested, concealing a number of seasonal waterfalls.
Koh Rong has around 43 kilometers of beaches.

There are no less than 23 beaches of varying length and coloration – from (predominantly) white to beige to rose-colored sands – along most of the coastline. Bays, protruding capes and impressive sandstone rock formations contribute to the island’s scenic panorama. The southern coastline – exposed to the weather and open sea, is particularly spectacular, whereas the northern coast, which faces towards the land, is characterized by a sequence of smooth hills, gently sloping towards the numerous beaches, inlets and bays. Several small islets and many reefs provide an abundance of natural environments for a great variety of marine life. The center of the island is a flat “belt” of sediments that joins the two hilly massifs of the southeast and northwest. Here is a small savanna – the result of human activities. Although most of the island’s surface is still covered in forest, many years of illegal logging have seriously affected the quality and health of the jungle. Huge, old and slow-growing hardwood trees have become rare, the original arboreal variety is vanishing and gradually being replaced by commercial mono cultures, such as coco – and oil palms, in particular along the coast and in the lowlands.

Settlements and Infrastructure

There are 4 distinguishable villages on Koh Rong – Koh Tuich Village in the south, Prek Sway and Daum Skeuw in the northeast and Soksan Village in the northwest. Most people live from fishing, although an increasing number has found jobs in the quickly growing tourism sector. This is particularly true for Koh Tuich Village. Apart from paths in the jungle – many of these are dead ends and had been created by illegal loggers – there is absolutely no road network.
Recent road clearings do foreshadow the island’s future as a major tourist destination, promoted by The Royal Group. In September 2012 the island was hooked up with the internet via Sihanoukville. The Royal Group laid a fiberglass cable in the gulf’s waters – a distance of almost 30 kilometers.


More than a dozen guest houses and bungalow resorts have been established by 2013. Although most of these businesses are scattered all over the whole island, Saracen beach has become the primary place of arrival and departure with the highest number and density of resorts. Accommodation and prices range from cheap dorm beds to well furnished solid bungalows.There are a few daily scheduled ferries (around 20 Minuts by iSpeed Fast Ferry and 3 hours by slow-boat) to the island, departing from the local port of Sihanoukville and from the piers at Serendipity beach and Sihanoukville old shipyard.

Resort & Bungalows

  • 1-Palm Beach Bungalow Resort Koh Rong

Range: $30- $35:

Palm Beach Resort is nestled into beautiful coastal dune forest With sweeping views of the stunning beach below. The thatched bush suites provide guest’s privacy and were carefully constructed to ensure minimal impact on the environment.
Tel: +(855)(0) 81 500 632

  • 2-Island Palace Bungalows Resort

Range $25 – $45

Is located on hill slop with the View of both Mountain and the Sea along beautiful white sandy beach of Koh Rong Island, Preah Sihanouk Province, Our Bungalows are built with stylist large rooms and fully furnished amenities.
Tel: (+855)(0) 96 999 8896

  • 3-Paradise Bungalows

Range: $35 – $100:

Set in the hills of a pristine and quiet island, is western managed with continuous dedication to the perfect holiday getaway. We have a nature-oriented resort of 20 Bungalows amid the lush vegetation of Koh Rong.and natural materials are the central features of our venue, making a natural island Paradise.
Tel: +(855)(0) 92 548 883

  • 4-Monkey Island

Range: $20 – $50

Hand crafted beach bungalows situated right on a white sand beach on Koh Rong Island. Each bungalow sleeps up to 4 people. Dorm beds ($3) in a 10 bed dorm bungalow available. Restaurant and bar on the beach serving inexpensive western and Khmer dishes. Koh Rong Island (booking office at Monkey Republic on Serendipity Beach Road), Sihanoukville, Cambodia.
Tel: +(855)(0) 81-830 991
Email: n/a

  • 5- Angkor Chom Bungalows

Range: $10 – $25 :

Large wood and thatch bungalows on the sand right at the water’s edge. Bungalows with fan, en suite toilet and large private balcony. Restaurant and bar.
Tel: +(855)(0) 34-555 175

  • 6-Pura Vita Resort

Range: $45 – $65:

Beachfront bungalows on a 4 kilometer long, secluded white sand beach on Koh Rong island. All bungalows with king-size bed, en suite bathroom and a private balcony, suitable for 1 – 2 guests. Double bungalow available with 2 king-size double beds, en suite bathroom and private balcony, suitable for groups/families of 3 – 6. One room available, suitable for 1-4, with 2 king-size beds and shared bathroom. Beachside restaurant/bar serving Italian inspired food.
Tel: +(855)(0) 15-700 083

  • 7-Island Boys

Range: $6 – $20:

Eight wooden rooms and a spacious balcony above a restaurant/bar on Koh Tui beach. Enthusiastic atmosphere, lots to do, snorkeling, scuba, trekking, fishing, hammocking…Koh Rong, Sihanoukville, Cambodia.
Tel: +(855)(0) 15-662 470


The island’s formidable jungle is the ideal habitat for a great variety of endemic Invertebrate species. Vertebrates are less abundant and, typically for island populations, are small in comparison. Amphibians and reptiles are the most numerous and the island’s brooks, ponds and streams are home to a variety of small freshwater fish. Birds include the Great Horn-bill, the King Fisher and the Osprey. There is a group of Macaques living on the island and rodents are very common as a consequence of human activities. Small reefs and the rocky surface of the surrounding waters are home to a remarkable variety of marine species. Divers and Snorkelers regularly emphasize the presence of delicate miniature Eco-systems, seahorses and nudibranches are particularly diverse.